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If you are working or volunteering with people living with dementia. Or if you are loving or have loved someone with dementia you will understand how people with dementia are often marginalised due to their symptoms. They can often get lost in a system that generally does not look to prioritise their treatment but rather attempts to manage their symptoms, and only then when the symptoms are affecting others.

It is expected that the number of people living with dementia worldwide will rise from 50 million to 152 million by 2050. Whilst we have been aware of this prediction for some time, we are seeing little progress in terms of a cure. We must, therefore, look for innovative solutions in our own communities to support those amongst us that need it most.

People who are newly diagnosed with dementia and their families are rarely aware of a little-known treatment that stood its ground in randomised control trials and was proven to be comparable with the current anti-dementia drugs on the market. This treatment has no side effects, is easy, cheap and even fun to administer and receive. The treatment has been available for over 10 years and yet because it is not a drug backed by millions of pounds of funding it stays as one of the best-kept secrets.

"I love the CST group. It is good to be with others in the same boat. We have a good laugh but it works my brain too. I feel it's doing good."
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CST is now becoming more readily available after diagnosis in some places. But it does depend where you live. People with dementia may receive anything between 8 and 14 initial sessions, following diagnosis, but then are often left with few or no options to engage in further CST sessions that can benefit individuals for up to three years. Without quality community delivery, people are being denied treatment that has been proven to increase thinking skills, quality of life and reduce isolation. 

You will be aware that whilst a vast amount of the population sees dementia as tragic, depressing and life-limiting. This stigma leaves communities believing there is nothing that can be done. We know that you will be having experiences that show you otherwise. There are many examples where people with dementia are contributing to their communities, engaging in important conversations, learning and laughing together. These numbers are not as high as they should be though, and we know that many people are not benefiting from this easy to deliver programme that can change lives, not just for the individual but their loved ones too.

If you are a positive member of your community working to make life a happy one for people living with dementia, you will likely be fighting a battle against the very real stigma dementia and the damaging effects of underfunding. You may at times feel unheard and undervalued, we know that you will be doing the best you can from your corner. 

Many people feel underqualified in their quest to effect change and others that feel qualified feel undersupported.

Our course is designed to bridge that gap, to support you on your journey to provide evidence-based therapy for people with dementia who have a right to receive it. CST was designed to be easy to deliver. The method can be learnt following our easy and fun delivery, All you require is compassion, kindness and the willingness to learn. 

You will learn all you need to gain the confidence to run an evidence-based programme of activities that have been proven to increase thinking skills and quality of life in people living with dementia. By becoming a CST facilitator you can affect change for individuals in your community and prove the results. 

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  • Gain a sound knowledge-base of a proven method

  • Gain confidence in the process and articulating the benefits to funders

  • Create a stimulating space for people with dementia to thrive

  • Create and run your own groups in your own community

  • Be a provider of a recommended dementia treatment that works

  • Smash through stigma with a positive, proven approach

  • Join a positive community of CST facilitators disrupting the norm

  • Get a certificate outlining leaning objectives met

In this course you will learn:

  • What CST is, and how it was developed

  • The structure of CST and why it is important

  • What to include in your sessions

  • The key principles and how to embed them in to your practice

  • What makes a skilled facilitator

  • How to create referral pathways

  • How to evaluate your sessions effectively

  • All about the evidence behind the therapy

  • How to plan your sessions

Learn the Skills To Make a Difference


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Bonus material

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  • Printables

    Our tried and tested checklists and session planning templates take the headache out of planning your sessions. -worth £27

  • Co-founders Q & A

    You will have VIP access to a live, One hour Q and A session with Co-founders Laura Walker and Kate Smith who you can pose any questions you have and check out any ideas with.- worth £140

  • VIP group

    With access to our online facilitators group you will have access to others that have set up groups around the world. You will find session content ideas, links and resources that will save you time.- worth £120 per year


Taken from course evaluation questionnaires""

"I did not know much at all about CST before the training. There was a good mix of teaching methods that worked really well. Knowing the research base as well as the more practical activities.
I definitely feel much more equipped to facilitate a group and am looking forward to it! Thanks!"

"Learning the value of CST and the value it has. I feel inspired now. Wonderful training thank you :)"

"I loved the way you structure it & your delivery was brilliant. I picked up more ideas along the way. I also teach brain health fitness, which is using seating movement, imagination & creativity to music for our clients with dementia - I love it. Anything we can do to enhance knowledge & look at ways to engage people with dementia & stimulate cognition is brilliant. I’ll be looking for more learning from you in future. You have a fantastic way of engaging thank you xxx I really enjoyed it "

"Highlights were: Validation facilitating the groups, statistics and facts, asking opinions.
This will help me facilitate a group better. I feel this will help my confidence. Thank you" 

"Although I try to make sessions fun, there is always room for improvement. can't wait to implement new knowledge and ideas."

"Course was very good. I enjoyed it a lot. I feel more confident. I can take this back to my work place."

"Enjoyed all aspects and pace. I learnt what was needed and more. I will apply the learning by doing sessions. The knowledge of the subject was personal due to friends and family with dementia so all help with classes as a bonus"

"Enjoyed the session content- great planning suggestions. I got ideas for sessions, forms and tools for the job.I need to evaluate CST fro future funding so this was brilliant. Thank you very useful for the role.


Laura Walker

Director/ Trainer/ Coach/ Social Entrepreneur

Laura Walker

Laura is an experienced, fun and vibrant trainer who believes learning happens best when people are enjoying themselves. Her experience as a qualified nurse led her to design, develop and deliver courses and programmes to help people better understand dementia as well as how to look after our brains. She delivers bespoke courses to hospitals, care homes and community groups regulary. Laura is co-founder and Joint CEO of Memory Matters who’s vision is a world where people living with dementia are empowered and thriving in their communities. All profit from Laura's work is invested into this cause.


  • When can I start the course?

    You can start the course right now. As soon as you click 'buy' you will have access to the whole course to complete in your own time,

  • How long will the course take to complete?

    The content of this course has been taken from our training course that we usually deliver over a full day. With reflection time you should expect to spend around 5 hours completing the course. This can be done at your own pace over several days if you prefer.

  • What do I need to complete the course?

    All you need is a computer/ laptop or tablet and an internet connection. You will also need a notebook and pen. We have included printables but you don't have to have a printer to complete the course.

  • Do I need any qualifications?

    You do not need any formal qualifications although CST is suited to those with experience in the caring or wellness professions. You will need to have some experience in facilitating groups to be able to deliver sessions. These could be therapy groups, leading meetings or teaching. If you are planning to run your own groups outside the support of an organisation we have packages that can support you further.

  • Do I need experience of working or being with people living with dementia?

    Having an understanding of dementia and having some experience in communication with people living with dementia is important. You will need to have an understanding of person-centred approaches.

  • Someone in my family has dementia. Can I use this course to help with providing stimulating activities for them?

    In this course I present the structure and content of group CST but you will find lots of useful content and ideas for activities that you can adapt for one to one sessions.

  • What happens if I am not satisfied with the course?

    If you are not satisfied with the course you can ask for a refund.