Want to make a difference?

Help people living with dementia to thrive

Our Memory Matters Fellowship is for health and social care practitioners who are likely to have a wealth of knowledge and skills when it comes to supporting people with dementia. You are likely to feel stifled by an underfunded system that fails to meet the needs of those living with dementia to a standard that you know is simple to achieve and you are ready to take the leap and do things differently

Laura and Kate, co-founders of Memory Matters were exactly where you are when they took the jump to create a new way of supporting people in the community through community workshops. For the last eleven years, the award-winning team at Memory Matters have been successful in making a difference and creating positive change in communities for those living with dementia. Now we are ready to create a great big team!! You can help by investing in your mastery of evidence-based Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and become a Memory Matters Fellow. After ten years of research and development, we are ready to help you to run Workshops in your community and to gain great outcomes for people living with dementia locally to you. The proven, evidence-based outcomes for those living with dementia in the Fellowship are

  • Reduced loneliness

  • Slowed progression of dementia

  • Living well for longer

  • Increased quality of life

  • Increased thinking and language skills

  • Access to peer support

Let us help you

Fellows will be taken on a journey through immersive weekly live training and coaching which develops you as a facilitator and social entrepreneur

  • Create your vision, get clear on where you want to go and put all plans in place

  • Build the structure and get everything ready to deliver with our tried and tested method

  • Start delivering gold standard dementia support in your community

How We Deliver

Program Delivery The Fellowship program is delivered through 18 live interactive online training and coaching sessions over 24 weeks including a dedicated training platform where you can access training geared towards you launching your workshops effectively. There will be a private support group and replays that you can access for life. Sessions will be led by Laura Walker, (Co-founder of Memory Matters) with support from the experienced Facilitators from the memory Matters team who bring a wealth of experience.