Memory Matters Brain Fitness Formula

The Brain Fitness Formula

6 Week Memory Plan to a Healthy Mind

The Brain Fitness Formula will support and empower you to connect to your brain’s abilities, helping you to remember things better. It will give you the know-how to reduce your risk factors of developing a dementia as you get older. Memory Matters’ Brain Fitness Formula- 6 Week Memory Plan to a Healthier Mind consists of 32 videos and supporting worksheets. The course will be most effective if you can dedicate 30 minutes a day to your plan and goals.

The course  combines all the latest scientific evidence in one place, broken down into simple steps that work for you and your lifestyle. The course was devised and is presented by Laura Walker co-founder of Memory Matters CIC, a non-profit organisation that ploughs all profits in to supporting people living with dementia and their families in the community.

If you are seeking to develop your memory skills this course will teach you all you need to know, whether you are in your retirement years or just too busy to remember things.

Perhaps you are wanting support and guidance in learning how you can reduce your risk factors associated with developing dementia. This course uses results-oriented, easy, techniques presented by a passionate, down to earth & experienced mentor.

You can look forward to
  • creating an a effective brain-boosting plan to follow that will make a difference to your thinking and set you on a new path to a healthier brain.
  • Dedicating time to look after your brain health in no more than 30 minute daily practice
  • Learn the things you can do to reduce your dementia risk and start doing the work
  • Gain clarity around diet and nutrition and your brain and learn how to plan meals for your mind
  • Understand the importance of some key stages in memorising and discover effective ways to remember things better.

What's included?

32 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Text
8 PDFs
  • Course Training Topics;  fun, mind expanding, easy to follow,  short web classes including a different memory exercise each week
  • Memory Techniques Videos; Proven techniques to practice which enable you to remember things better
  • Printable Weekly Worksheets; Created to help you follow your unique Memory Plan.
  • Facebook Community; an additional dedicated group available to you where you can benefit from additional content, share experiences with other course members, access live webinars and talk to Laura.
  • You will  have access to the entire course forever (total of 32 videos).
  • Plus, a free gift, when you sign up for this course, you will also receive our Brain Fitness  inspiration newsletter which gives you weekly inspirational thoughts for a brain happy, healthy and fulfilling day.

You will need

  • A computer or tablet
  • Access to the internet
  • A printer or a notebook and pen
  • A Facebook account to access the course group

Course Curriculum

Course Summary

Start your 6 Week Memory Plan today for only £70...



"The sections on Environment and Socialisation, and the memory techniques... Brilliant - so useful. Thank you so much for the course, Laura. I've learnt such a lot and am trying to get the habits engrained now. You have been amazing! - Gilly

“It normalised a few aspects of my memory which were causing me concern, and taught me a fun way of learning and remembering facts.” - Sue

Laura Walker
Laura Walker
Director/ Trainer/ Coach/ Social Entrepreneur

About the instructor

Laura has spent the last seven years emerged in the management of a provision of specialist evidence-based therapy proven to slow the progression of dementia which is delivered by a dedicated team in community settings. 

 "I am approached frequently in my line of work by people who are interested to know what best to do to stave off dementia and become pro-active about looking after brain health after retirement" In response after a lot of dedication, I have developed 'The Brain Fitness Formula'  A solution for people over 55 who worry about developing dementia.

She is an experienced, fun and vibrant trainer and has designed many training courses over the years which she delivers to health care professionals, family carers and the general public all over the UK.

Laura is Co-Director at Memory Matters South West CIC and Moments Cafe along with her sister-in-law and fellow Social Entrepreneur, Kate Smith. They both work tirelessly for a better deal for retired people and in particular those living with dementia. They recently designed and set up a quirky cafe- 'Moments' in Plymouth, Devon to create a space for families to reminisce, have fun and access timely and much needed support on the City Centre high street.