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Memory Matters Brain Fitness Formula is presented by Laura Walker who's friendly training videos cover all the latest scientific evidence broken into simple steps for you to adopt each week. Making some really simple life-style changes and learning some tried and tested techniques will increase your confidence in your memory skills quickly.

  • Reduce your risk factors of developing a dementia as you get older.

  • Remember things better

  • Adopt brain boosting habits

  • Learn useful techniques

  • 6 week memory plan, easy to follow

  • Only 30 minutes a day for great results

  • 32 training videos and supporting worksheets

  • Devised and presented by Laura Walker co-founder of Memory Matters

  • All profits invested in supporting people isolated through dementia

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Course Content

  • 1


    • Introduction to The Brain Fitness Formula
    • Brain Fitness Community Group
  • 2

    1. Our Brains and Aging

    • Introduction; Our Brains and Aging
    • Aging And The Effect On The Brain
    • Why Do We Forget
    • What Can You Do To Keep Brain Fit
    • Our Brains and Aging Summary
    • Our Brains and Aging Quick Quiz
  • 3

    2. Use It Or Lose It

    • Use it or Lose it Intro
    • Use It or Lose It
    • Goal Setting- Use It or Lose it
    • Use It or Lose It - Summary
    • Goal Questions
    • Personal Goal Setting Sheet
  • 4

    3. Physical Activity

    • Physical Activity intro
    • Exercise And The Brain
    • Choosing Suitable Physical Activity
    • Goal Setting - Physical Activity
    • Physical Activity - Summary
    • Personal Physical Activity Goal Sheet
    • Personal Physical Activity Review Sheet
  • 5

    4. Stress, Worry and Good Thinking Habits

    • Introduction; Stress, Worry & Developing Good Thinking Habits
    • Stress, worry & Good Thinking Habits
    • Goal Setting - Stress, Worry & Good Thinking Habits
    • Stress, Worry & Good Thinking Habits - Summary
    • Goal Questions
  • 6

    5. Socialisation and Environment

    • Optimum Environments- Introduction
    • Optimum Environments for Brain health
    • Optimum Environments- Goal Setting
    • Goal Questions
  • 7

    6. Diet And The Brain

    • Diet and the Brain- Introduction
    • Diet, Hydration And The Brain
    • Diet, Hydration And The Brain - Goal Setting
    • Personal Diet Goal Sheet example
    • Personal Diet Goal Sheet
  • 8

    Memory Techniques part 1

    • Memory Techniques Part 1- Intro
    • Journey Method Theory
    • Journey Method Practical
  • 9

    Memory Techniques Part 2

    • Memory Techniques Part 2- Intro
    • Remembering Names
    • How To Remember Where You Put Things
  • 10

    Course Summary

    • The End

Bonus Material

We have added this additional bonus content

  • Worksheets

    Easy printable worksheets to help you set and stick to your goals.

  • Access Forever

    You can watch the videos at any time and watch them as many times as you like. Learn and practice at your pace and repeat as many times as you like.

  • Community Support

    VIP access to a private student community so you can chat with others taking the course. Swap notes and top tips picked up along the way.

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Brilliant course

Gillie Hind

Thank you so much for this course, Laura. You were so positive and reassuring. The course was very well structured, with clear information in each section ...

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Thank you so much for this course, Laura. You were so positive and reassuring. The course was very well structured, with clear information in each section of how to reduce the risk of dementia - and then guidance and suggestions on how to carry out these goals. I found the course so helpful that I think my friends must be fed up with hearing about it!

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Laura Walker

Director/ Trainer/ Coach/ Social Entrepreneur

Laura Walker

Laura is an experienced, fun and vibrant trainer who believes learning happens best when people are enjoying themselves. Her experience as a qualified nurse led her to design, develop and deliver courses and programmes to help people better understand dementia as well as how to look after our brains. She delivers bespoke courses to hospitals, care homes and community groups regulary. Laura is co-founder and Joint CEO of Memory Matters who’s vision is a world where people living with dementia are empowered and thriving in their communities. All profit from Laura's work is invested into this cause.