The Brain Fitness Formula

The Brain Fitness Formula

Six Week Memory Plan to a heathier mind

Our Memories are the foundations of our identity, it’s what makes us ‘us’… the faces of our babies, the smile from our first love, the smell of cut grass while we played as children, the sound of our favourite song. When it serves us well we barely notice its importance. Memory training is a powerful way to tap into the unused potential of our minds.

Whether you are in your retirement years or just too busy to remember things, you can develop your memory skills by learning good memory habits. The aim of this formula is to help, support and empower you to connect to your brain’s abilities, so you can remember things better and reduce your chances of developing a dementia as you get older.

"Memory Matters Brain Fitness Formula presents all the latest scientific evidence in one place and breaks it in to simple steps for you to adopt each week. Making some really simple and small life-style changes can make a huge difference in the long run."

What's included in this course:

  • 6  fun, mind expanding, easy to follow, and effective Training Topics in short web class formats (you get a different exercise to follow every week)
  • "Memory Techniques" Videos outlining different techniques to practice to remember things better
  • Printable weekly worksheets to help you embed your new habits
  • A VIP facebook group with additional content, live webinars and access to others taking the course.

With this course you will:
  • Transform your ability to look after your brain health in no more than 30 minute daily practice
  • Increase your brain powers while you sleep
  • Learn the dementia risk factors and how to reduce them.
  • Discover an effective way to remember better
  • Create a plan to follow that will make a difference to your thinking
  • Experience an empowering process that increases confidence in your memory (and your life!)
  • Use your knowledge to gain intuitive insight in to where you can make changes
  • Gain clarity around the effect of diet and nutrition on your brain
  • Learn the importance of relaxation and sleep
  • Learn how to combine your interests with brain boosting habits
  • Learn the importance of concentration on memory
  • Understand how your environment plays a part in your memory skills
  • Learn the theory of ‘use it or lose it’
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind brain fitness habits
  • Learn to easily create effective goals for good brain health
  • Experience the validation and confirmation you need, to build trust in your memory abilities.
    And lots more...


You will need

  • A computer or tablet
  • Access to the internet
  • A printer or a notebook and pen

Who should take this course?

People seeking a fun and effective results-oriented memory program that fits into a busy lifestyle

Anyone dissatisfied with their memory looking to enhance the quality of their thinking

People wanting support and guidance in reducing their risk of dementia using results oriented, easy, yet research-based techniques with a passionate, down to earth, experienced mentor

Anyone who enjoys hands-on, experiential development training in a supportive, fun and friendly environment

Anyone who wants to be free of fear-based thinking when it comes to their memory while feeling called to make a positive difference to others. (All profits from this course are used to support people affected by a diagnosis of dementia)

Course Curriculum

Course Summary

What's included?

32 Videos
1 Text
8 PDFs

What People are Saying

“This proved an enjoyable and reassuring experience for me. I have made some little changes to my diet and I definitely feel more in control. I was letting it worry me too much” - Anne

""The sections on Environment and Socialisation, and the memory techniques... Brilliant - so useful. Thank you so much for the course, Laura. I've learnt such a lot and am trying to get the habits engrained now. You have been amazing! Gilly

“It normalised a few aspects of my memory which were causing me concern, and taught me a fun way of learning and remembering facts.” - Sue

Laura's presentation was amusing and I quickly felt relaxed and engaged and eager for more. A big Thank you. - Lynn

You can read our case study here

Laura’s presentation is fun, gentle and so positive!  

(Sue- Course participant)

Make some really simple changes to improve your brain health by enrolling on this supportive programme. 

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We are a Social Enterprise. This means all profits from our courses and products get re-invested in our organisation to support people living with a diagnosis of dementia.

Laura Walker
Laura Walker
Director/ Trainer/ Coach/ Social Entrepreneur

About the instructor

Laura has spent the last seven years emerged in the management of a provision of specialist evidence-based therapy proven to slow the progression of dementia which is delivered by a dedicated team in community settings. 

 "I am approached frequently in my line of work by people who are interested to know what best to do to stave off dementia and become pro-active about looking after brain health after retirement" In response after a lot of dedication, I have developed 'The Brain Fitness Formula'  A solution for people over 55 who worry about developing dementia.

She is an experienced, fun and vibrant trainer and has designed many training courses over the years which she delivers to health care professionals, family carers and the general public all over the UK.

Laura is Co-Director at Memory Matters South West CIC and Moments Cafe along with her sister-in-law and fellow Social Entrepreneur, Kate Smith. They both work tirelessly for a better deal for retired people and in particular those living with dementia. They recently designed and set up a quirky cafe- 'Moments' in Plymouth, Devon to create a space for families to reminisce, have fun and access timely and much needed support on the City Centre high street.

How Does It Work?

Starting today, you will  have access to the entire course (total of 32 videos). Each lesson is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. 

You have unlimited access- you can keep the lessons forever and if you are not happy with it we offer a full money back guarantee as long as you let us know you within the first week of purchase.

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